yuletide poster web

2 thoughts on “Yuletide Market

  1. Heather, This is beautiful!! Who is the wolf? Will he be baying at the door? I hope you have me down for two tables. Cheers, Marion

  2. Dear Regan and Heather

    Sheila and I wish to congratulate you both on this initiative.
    We once had many farmers’ associations across the Laurentians that, of course, disappeared in the flood and novelty of prefabricated food coming in from national and international companies. Opening a farmers’ market as you have done gives us confidence that we can take back what is our own and rebuild some aspects of our community. The market will appeal to our guest communities from Montreal and elsewhere who form the backbone of our economy as well as to those of us who try to lead intentional, examined lives. It also answers to a need to value our heritage.
    We have been growing our own food and trying to encourage people to value local heritage for over three decades and your work combines both of these vital concerns.
    Joseph Graham and Sheila Eskenazi

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