from the salon des exposants, an event held by the SADC laurentides and the concours entrepreneuriat….


Among 36 fellow entrepreneurs, the expo was 4 hours of networking, demos, and an all around blast!  we pitched and pitched all day and our fabulous market walked away with the sustainable development award along with the economie sociale award – #1 in our category!  while it would have been fabulous, of course, to win the grand jury prize, the experience has been so rewarding and remains PRICELESS.  it is so wonderful and inspiring to talk to other small business owners in our area.

along with the prize money (100% going towards securing equipment for our future market), we gained valuable experience, workshop opportunities, interviews, membership to the chambre commerce de st-sauveur, along with the support of various industry officials.

most of all — while regan and i have been working our collective tuckus off in lieu of this contest, among other related business, there is NO WAY we could have done this without YOU!  all of our vendors, participants, friends, family, and clientele :: this one’s for you!  there would be no market at all without the love and support of our community and the value placed on food security and quality.

i look forward to all the opportunities this event has opened up for us!  thank you! merci!

more info on the contest and the services provided by the SADC Laurentides can be found on their website.

the setting up of the booth (corner office)


at the end of the night, tired but proud!


2 thoughts on “Merci à Tous!

  1. Congratulations doesn’t seem adequate! Heather, you have phrased everything so well, there’s nothing left to say, except John & I are very proud and pleased for both of you! A nice kick start to the season!

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